Butcher Shop

Visit the Bouchée Boucher butcher shop for farm-fresh meats, local groceries and house-made deli sandwiches.


Our butcher shop is always well stocked with a variety of fresh meat. Go to the site and get halloween slot gratis at our casino. Limited supply Our meat is raised by farmers right here in Manitoba. The beef is grass-fed, the pork and lamb is all pasture-raised and the chicken is all free-range. We are committed to working directly with the community raising our meat to strengthen support for small farms.

We also offer house-made sausages, house-smoked bacon, spatchcocked marinated chicken, pork chops, sirloin roast stuffed with spinach and roasted peppers. Pre-order your meat and butcher Dallas Black will custom cut it anyway he’s heard of or can research!

Pop in to pick up a hearty deli sandwich (made fresh in-house every day) or meals to go: a protein, a starch and a vegetable ready to take home heat and serve.

Our butcher shop stocks many great local items: Notre Dame Creamery butter, organic Stoney Brook milk in glass bottles, many local and Quebec cheeses, extra fresh meat items, Nature’s Farm pasta or eggs, quinoa, soup mixes, locally-roasted coffee and local teas and ice creams.

Or, you save time on grocery shopping and subscribe to one of our weekly Meat Boxes.