Ask your server about our selection of wines as well as craft beers in cans and bottles.

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Bouchée Cocktails

Charleston Punch $9
house made iced tea, lemon, brandy, Barbados rum, peach brandy

Bizou   $12
gin, st. germaine, lime, mint

French 75   $9
gin, lobetia, lemon, simple syrup

Kaffir Lime   $9
kaffir lime leaves, cucumber, gin, dry vermouth, lime, soda

Larch   $12
bourbon, lemon, maple syrup, rosemary, egg white

Geeze “Lake” Louise  $9
gin, apple cider, ginger beer, lemon, cinnamon

Snow Racer   $10
vodka, frangelico, crème de cacao, cream, egg white

Après Ski   $9
spiced rum, simple syrup, orange zest, angostura bitters, cinnamon

Local Beers on Tap 16oz    $7

Barnhammer, Le Sneak Belgique wheat beer
Barnhammer, Lousy Beatnik Kellerbier
Barnhammer, Saturday Night Lumberjack IPA
Barnhammer, Grandpa’s Sweater Oatmeal Stout

Little Brown Jug, 1919 Belgian Ale
Torque, Diesel Fitter Stout
Torque, What the Helles Lager

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