Ask your server about our selection of wines as well as craft beers in cans and bottles.

Bouchée Cocktails

Dark Rye $8
rye whisky, dark rum, caraway brown sugar syrup, orange zest

Manitoba ’16 $8
204 Gin, chokecherry syrup, cava

Fallen Apples $9
bourbon, apple cider, spiced rum, gingerbread syrup

El Capitan $9
rum, Lillet, Grand Marnier, orange bitters, orange zest

Darling Clementine $8
bourbon, clementine gin, clementines, lemon juice, birch syrup

Classic Cocktails

Classic Martini $9
vodka or gin? olive or twist?

Manhattan $9
made Chef’s way with rye and bourbon, Cinzano and bitters

Diablo $8
tequila, cassis, ginger beer, lime

Bloody Mary $8
vodka, tomato, side of lager

White Russian $8
Kahlua, vodka, cream, cherry

Local Beers on Tap $9

Farmery, Blond Ale
Torque, What the Helles Lager
Barnhammer, Le Sneak Belgique wheat beer
Fort Garry, Rouge red ale
Little Brown Jug, 1919 Belgian ale
Lake of the Woods, Firehouse ale
Barnhammer, Saturday Night Lumberjack IPA
Torque, Diesel Fitter stout