We update the menus every month and when we get a yummy new ingredient or idea. To see what we’re serving, please drop by for a bite. We cook with animal fat, if that’s a problem, please tell your server.


Small Plates

cold prawn salad, peas, shallot, spring onion, sorrel $18
beef tartare, brown butter, crispy capers, lemon, chips $16
roasted fennel, dates, orange, mint, sumac, champagne vinegar $16
grilled octopus, orange chili honey, citrus, black kale, garlic, coriander $14
king salmon crudo, fennel purée, spring onion, bay leaf oil, orange, shallot $16
polenta, herb oil, peas, pecorino, parsley $12
warm marinated olives $6
baked crab, roasted tomato, chili oil, green onion, cilantro, grilled baguette $17
fried smashed baby potatoes, chilies, mint, labneh, crispy garlic $12
mustard spätzle, parsley, creamed corn, slow cooked egg, herb oil $13
fingerling potato salad, herbs, mustard, garlic, lemon $11

Sharing Plates

grilled chicken wings, chili and garlic agrodolce, basil $16
beets, preserved rhubarb, greens, tarragon, dill, dukkah, vinaigrette $16
pork belly and squid, saffron aioli, tomato, red pepper, herbs $17
grilled chicken, hot and sour broth, spiced almonds, greens $17
grilled shrimp, harissa, tomato, fennel, pernod, feta $20
tomato, red onion, cucumber, mint, chili oil, basil, shallot vinaigrette $13
braised lamb, peas, pesto $28
pork shoulder, roasted carrots, coriander, thyme, currant chutney $18
roasted eggplant, tomato jam, tahini, green onion, yogurt, basil, parsley $16
cauliflower, raisins, ricotta, lemon, seeds, herbs $15

Meat and cheese boards available! Ask your server about our daily selection!

Download a PDF of our Dinner Menu