We update the menus every month and when we get a yummy new ingredient or idea. To see what we’re serving, please drop by for a bite. We cook with animal fat, if that’s a problem, please tell your server.


Small Plates– individual plates or sharing for 2-3 people


Green Beans 13
roasted beans, garlic, ginger, hot and sour broth, housemade kimchi

Beef Tartare 15
capers, mustard, shallot, herbs, cured egg yolk, brown butter, grilled sourdough

Olives 6
house marinated, citrus, herbs, garlic

Fried Smashed Potatoes 12
local new potatoes, yogurt, harissa, green onion, almonds

Roasted Corn 6
roasted corn, creme fraiche, jalapeño chutney, sunflower seeds

Heirloom Tomatoes 13
local heirloom tomatoes, crispy farro, purple basil, whipped ricotta, lemon

Shishito 14
charred local shishito peppers, sherry vinegar, feta, dried olives, parsley  

Melon 14
local melons, basil, mint, ginger, lime, fennel, pernod


Sharing Plates– shared plates between 2-4 people


Braised Beef 20
polenta, corn, caramelized shallots, jus

Lamb shank 24
braised lamb shank, red lentils, swiss chard, mint, currants

Grilled Shrimp 23
slow cooked cherry tomatoes, basil, chili oil, garlic, lemon

Pork Sirloin 19
marinated and grilled, roasted kohlrabi, mustard, herbs, crispy kale, charmoula

Polenta 13
corn, tomato chutney, chili oil, golden raisins, Parmigiano Reggiano, basil

Beets 13
baby beets, dukkah, roasted garlic, acorn squash, honey

Pumpkin 15
roasted spiced pumpkin, maple mascarpone, walnuts, marinated kale, quinoa, sesame


Large Plates- shared plates for 4-6 people (longer cooking time)


Roasted Chicken 40
Brined and roasted half chicken, green beans, roasted potatoes, chicken gravy

Leg of Lamb 60
roasted boneless marinated leg of lamb, local roasted vegetables, chimichurri, jus


Meat and cheese boards available! Ask your server about our daily selection!

Download a PDF of our Dinner Menu